Serene’s publishing credits

I am doing my best to piece together my publishing history, but I’m terrible at keeping records for this kind of thing. Still, this is a pretty good representation of the kinds of things I do.

Awards and featured performances

April, 2012: First prize, Helen “Jackie” DeClercq Poetry Contest, for “Useless”

February, 2006: Featured reader, Oakland S.O.U.P. (Sing, Open Up, and Poetize)

January, 2006: Featured reader, Poetry at Art 21, Palo Alto

2001-2: Became kinda local-famous for winning 2nd place a lot in San Diego poetry slams, for which I was also the scorekeeper. As my momma used to say, “If you can’t win when you’re keeping score, you don’t deserve to play.” I don’t compete in poetry slams any more, but I love them so much that they are effectively a religious experience for me.

2000-ish: Poetry scholarship, Southwestern College, for “Bed”

Publications and blogs

January, 2013: Poem, “Five things you didn’t know about water,” at Carte Blanche

July, 2012: Poem, “Oh, God,” on The Eloquent Atheist

August, 2010: Began The Mom Food Project, my blog about food and love

Spring, 2009: First issue of 42 Magazine, which I founded and still run

May, 2006: Began SereneCooking, my recession-cooking blog, which I haven’t updated since 2010

2002: Essay, “The Day I Saw God and Left the Church,” in the Atheist Coalition‘s newsletter

August, 2001: Began my personal blog, which I still update frequently

Autumn 2000: Poem, “Green,” in “Green’s Magazine,” a Canadian literary journal

Spring/Summer 2000: Poem, “That Dyke Poem,” in Gertrude: A Journal of Voice & Vision

1999: Poem, “the girl scout and the debutante,” pair poem with Jennifer Geran, published on website

Poems, “Joannie in Ocean Beach” and “some things you should know about me,” in Drift Wood Highway

1997: Poem, “Dancing Naked,” in City Works Journal

Publishing gigs

August 2008-present: Webmaster and grant copy editor at UC Berkeley’s DSP/TRIO Project

2006-2008 or so: pre-publication transmittal assistant for Jossey-Bass

2001-2004: Documents Specialist at Northrop Grumman

1992-present: Freelance writer and copy editor, working for publishers, writers, and other individuals

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  1. Marjorie says:

    This is almost too much to digest in between what with John Lennon succinctly reminded us of . . .

    “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”!

    I wonder if you might be interested in publishing a little book
    about my extraordinary journey with hearts? it would contain photos and a bit of text. I can assure you that myself nor anyone I have spoken to have experienced anything like it.


    ps: might you have some sample pages of one of your books like @amazon?

  2. FYI says:

    FYI -

    The cover of the latest issue looks like a child’s hand on a penis.


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