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September ’12

cover image: small child's hand holding a man's hand. photo by Kathy Walton

Peace :: Justice :: Ecology :: Economy :: Self-reliance
Simplicity :: Reason :: Joy :: Love :: Art


Generations, by Kathy Walton (cover photo)

Featured Artist:

Stef Maruch


One Step One Step and a Limp, by Smriti Ravindra

Inside Out, by Hall Jameson

The Wasp Garden, by Story Boyle

Bibliopolis, by Frank Roger

Nothing Here Can Wash Away, by Amanda England

Four Minutes, by Jennifer Stern

Betty’s Branch, by Linda Heuring

Notes on a Father, by Jenny Maloney


Babel, by M. S. Rooney

Society, by Stefon Mears

Contact! by Stewart Baker

Lemonovember, by Daniel Ari [blog

Four Poems, by Stef Maruch

Flash Fling, by Mary Meriam

Two Poems, by Kristi Carter

Creative Nonfiction:

Things that Came Out of the Kitchen, by Grace Maselli

2 Comments » for Current Issue
  1. C. Malcolm says:

    Is it available at newsstands? :-)

    • Serene says:

      Selected indie bookstores will be carrying it, but we’re probably a long way off from wide distribution. But for you, Miz Malcolm, I’d be happy to email a complimentary PDF if you’re interested.

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