Want to share your work with our readers? Excellent! Here are the basics.

We use Submittable to manage submissions. We accept 500 Submittable submissions per month; once we’ve reached that limit, our Submittable form will say we’re closed to further submissions, and you’ll have to wait for the first of the following month.

Once you’ve submitted your work through the simple form at Submittable, you may check your submission’s progress at any time at http://42magazine.submishmash.com/user/submissions. We had the option of requiring you to give your street address to Submittable, but we prefer not to require you to share your private information with third-party applications, so if you want us to have your street address for mailing payment to you, please include it in your Submittable cover letter; otherwise, our default assumption is to pay via PayPal or a similar service, to the email address you used on your submission.

Which brings us to the money question. Yes, we are a paying market. In the past, Duotrope has classified our rates as “semi-pro.” You’ll notice that all categories pay the same moderate amount; we are a completely volunteer organization, and we pay to create this magazine out of our own pockets, but we’re committed to paying for the art we select, and to transparency about our financial doings.

Here is the link to submit, or read on to see what we’re looking for: Submit to 42


We publish fiction in any genre. Good writing is our greatest passion, and we are not slaves to genre. We have published stories by new and established writers, and we’re always looking for the next great story. We pay $20 for each story, upon publication.


Well-crafted poetry, in both print and spoken-word formats, is our joy. We publish works that the poet Steve Kowit would call “Maverick Poetry”—poems in clear English, whose message may be complex, but is never impenetrable. We pay $20 per poem, upon publication.


The thing that makes 42 stand out among literary magazines is our commitment to being open to good writing and art in any category. In the past, we’ve published political essays; how-to articles on topics such as crafting and gardening; cartoons; visual art; and games and music (sent to our subscribers on free CD-ROMs). We invite you to surprise us with your creativity and enthusiasm for your art. We pay $20 per item, upon publication. What constitutes an “Item” is a slippery thing to define in this category; we’ll talk it out with you if there’s any question.

Submit to 42

26 Comments » for Write!
  1. Stewart says:

    How do you feel about mice?

    No, wait, that’s not what I wanted to ask.

    How do you feel about (well-executed, traditionally-informed) haiku and related forms?

  2. Kimberly M. Rizal says:

    How long does it take for a submission to be accepted or rejected?

    • Serene says:

      We try to keep to around ten days. So far, we’re staying pretty close.

      • Kimberly M. Rizal says:

        What do I do if it has been more than 10 days since a submission, and there has been no response?

        • Serene says:

          (I’ve already processed your submission, but I’ll answer this here for others who have the same question.) You may check the status of your submission any time at http://manager.submishmash.com/user/submissions

          • Nik says:

            My submission has been “in progress” since the 9th of June. Is there any way I can submit it again, or is it being considered?

          • Serene says:

            We’ve fallen behind, but are catching up. I will say that our first-reader interns are caught up, so if you haven’t received a rejection, it’s likely they liked it and passed it on to an editor. We editors are the bottleneck at the moment, but I have off from my day job for a month, so things should clear up soon.

  3. Stephanie Bagnall says:

    Is there a word count your magazine prefers for fiction submissions?

  4. Justin Price says:

    How do you feel about previously published material and simultaneous submissions? Does work published to personal webpages and blogs count as previously published?

    • Serene says:

      We’re all about quality, and we’re a teeny-tiny small-press magazine, so we’re fine with all those things, provided the work is good enough.

  5. Raelyn says:

    Another page mentions that you guys do not want to read a religious story, saying how wonderful it is. How do you feel about a story that gives criticizes it?

  6. Gargi says:

    My submission has been in “Received” state for more than a month. Any chance I could know if it is under consideration? Thanks.

  7. Mini says:

    My submission has been in-progress from the 30th of July. Do please let me know if I need to re-submit.

  8. Kim says:

    What are your policies on longer pieces of poetry? Say, five page length?
    Thanks :)

  9. Kim says:

    Thans Serene.

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